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Accountability Report

To report an incident that warrants follow-up action, use this form off Playa. On Playa, please ask for the camp lead at Deadbeat Café.

* This is 100% for you. If you choose to report an incident, it is up to you to include your name or email. It is ok to report anonymously as well. 

We're here for you

Several of our camp members are fully trained through B.E.D (Bureau of Erotic Disclosure) and we not only serve as BEDucators for our camp and village, but we also are available should a need arise for support, intervention, or reporting. If you see this before the Burn, please know that you can report any consent violations in person at Deadbeat Café. Off Playa, feel free to use the Accountability Report for any incident you feel is worth reporting. 

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